Driving Small Businesses Forward

Organic Logistics is a public warehousing and transportation company serving the organic, conventional, and natural foods market.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of CROPP Cooperative, a farmer-owned cooperative better known through its brands Organic Valley® and Organic Prairie®. Our mission at Organic Logistics is to help small, like-minded businesses go from best-kept secret to household name and minimize our industry’s impact on the planet while doing it.

Red storage building with parked semi's and wind turbines.

Our Starting Point

At the heart of Organic Logistics beats a story of partnership, practicality, and purpose. Back when we began this journey, we set out to solve a common challenge faced by small and mid-sized companies, including ours. We realized that we often didn’t have enough product to fill an entire truck. Not only is renting an entire trailer extremely expensive, but the thought of sending out half-empty trucks week after week raised a serious red flag in our “Always Think Green” philosophy.

Cases of product in boxes on pallets in front of doors in a tall storage building.

A Crossroads

We still needed to get our cooperative’s products from Point A to Point B… but how could we do so without such a big financial and environmental impact? How could we make the most of space, cost, and time? We knew the answer lay in collaboration. We started offering empty pallet space to other small and mid-sized companies — no order was too small. Our partners loved the reasonable rates, better reach, and the fact that they were hitching a ride with a trusted brand who’d been successfully navigating the logistics world for years. This is the idea behind developing Organic Logistics.

Storage unit

Where We’re Heading

Today, we’re proud to offer transportation, warehousing, and inventory management services to startups and well-established businesses alike. Fuller trucks, lower costs, less traffic pollution, and the ability to allow even the smallest customer the cost and scheduling benefits of a full truck order. These are more than just benefits; they’re our way of redefining supply chain excellence.

Ready to share the road and the costs?

Whether you're a family farm, an artisanal maker, or a producer, our services are here to support your journey. Let's work together to cultivate success, one mile at a time.

The spirit of sustainability guides every move we make.

Organic Logistics isn't just a service. It’s a commitment to delivering not just products, but the promise of a more sustainable future.

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A CROPP Cooperative Subsidiary

Our roots run deep in the belief that small can be mighty, and mom and pop ventures can change the world. Organic Logistics is an initiative born from the visionary spirit of CROPP Cooperative, a farmer-owned cooperative responsible for growing two of the leading organic food brands from the ground up.

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