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Refrigerated LTL Transportation Services

Together, we can manage costs, protect the environment, and expand your brand's reach.

When you’re ready to get your product into more stores in more places, finding a transportation solution you can trust and afford feels like a daunting task. It’s no secret that for big and small producers alike, transportation is one of the biggest costs of doing business. With our Less Than Truckload (LTL) services, we invite you to share the journey with us.

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Temperature Precision

Almost all of the goods we transport, including many Organic Valley® and Organic Prairie® products, are refrigerated, perishable products with a relatively short shelf life. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks are equipped with advanced temperature control technology (our trucks stay between 33℉-40℉) to ensure your products are as fresh as the moment they left your farm or production facility.

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World-Class Network

Our network spans more than 30,000 retailers and distributors, including household names like Costco, Kroger, Whole Foods, Target, and many more. Many of our smallest customers eventually get their products into these well-known retailers.

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Weekly, Nationwide Deliveries

We offer weekly nationwide distribution to all major markets with deliveries to all major conventional, organic, specialty, and natural grocery distributors, including KeHe and UNFI.

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Freight Consolidation

Ever wonder how we make the most out of every truckload? Meet our load consolidation program powered by e2open (formerly BluJay Solutions) and our dedicated TMS (Transportation Management Team) team. Our load planners wield this innovative system like masters of Tetris, ensuring that every inch of space is optimized for efficiency. It's not just about squeezing in pallets; it's about balancing weight, space, and cost to perfection. Even when challenges like delays or unexpected fees pop up, this system has it all covered. It's a pricing and logistics wizard that helps us deliver your products no matter how complex the puzzle.

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Above 90% On-Time Delivery Rate

Our dedicated logistics specialists and truck drivers share the credit for this impressive stat. Many of our truck drivers have been with us for years and know their routes, traffic patterns, and drop-off procedures inside out. They also understand the distinct requirements and nuances of each retailer.

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Family-Owned Truck Companies

We proudly collaborate with many asset-based carriers — firms that own and operate their own truck fleets rather than relying on third-party contractors. Many of these carriers are small and family-owned, much like the businesses we support. Our selective approach helps us find more dependable service and fewer unexpected bumps along the way. Our drivers aren’t just names on a manifest; they’re integral parts of our shared mission to deliver your products safely and punctually.

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GPS Tracking

Over 80% of our carriers are equipped with GPS systems. This provides us Over 80% of our carriers are equipped with FourKites supertracking GPS capabilities. This provides us with real-time insights into your shipment's whereabouts while offering an additional layer of protection against potential claims and discrepancies. If a distributor or retailer ever questions the arrival of a shipment, we can offer valuable evidence of its journey. It also ensures a smoother resolution process if a legitimate concern arises.

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Sustainability in Motion

Our commitment to a greener future extends to our choice of partners. Around 50% of our carriers are Smartway Certified, demonstrating their dedication to measuring and improving their emissions, fuel efficiency, and sustainability practices.

Value-Added Services

Claims may not be top of mind, but unfortunately, they do happen. We gladly handle your claims from documentation to resolution, minimizing your downtime and stress when issues arise. With us managing freight claims, you can focus on your core operations, knowing that your shipments are in capable hands.


Because our team has been handling claims on behalf of Organic Valley® and Organic Prairie® for years, we have an in-depth knowledge of the freight claims process.

Efficient Documentation

We handle all aspects of documentation associated with freight claims, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Partner-Centric Approach

We're known for going above and beyond to protect our partnerships. Whether we’re at fault or not, we’re committed to putting your best interests first, minimizing the financial impact on your business.

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CROPP Cooperative's state-of-the-art distribution center is available to all clients who use our transportation services. It’s the very same warehouse we use to store many Organic Valley® and Organic Prairie® products.


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We combine state-of-the-art technology with outside-the-box thinking to help you anticipate demand and ensure product availability where and when it's needed.


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