From Farm to Freight

Organic Logistics is an initiative born from the visionary spirit of CROPP Cooperative, a farmer-owned cooperative responsible for growing two of the organic food world’s most loved brands from the ground up.

In 1988, a close-knit community of Wisconsin farmers came together to lay the foundation for an organic, farmer-owned cooperative. Their purpose was clear: to cultivate the finest products while upholding principles of organic farming.

This meant saying no to antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, and GMOs, while making sure animals were treated right and the environment was protected.

Today, this cooperative – known widely by its flagship brand “Organic Valley®” – remains fiercely independent and steadfastly farmer-owned, evolving into the largest cooperative of organic family farmers in the United States. CROPP Cooperative is made up of more than 1,600 organic family farms, representing nearly 10% of all certified organic farms in the U.S. These dedicated farmer member-owners collectively contribute more than 30% of the nation's organic milk, showcasing a deep commitment to quality and sustainability.

The inception of Organic Logistics was a natural progression to extend this commitment beyond farming. It's an initiative that mirrors the cooperative's mission to support organic practices, minimize environmental impact, and nurture the growth of like-minded businesses.

Together, we're making sure more small, like-minded brands like yours succeed while keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible.

Curious about CROPP Coop?

We are onboarding new USDA Certified Organic farmers nationwide. Explore the Coop and discover what it’s like to farm with us.