The road to sustainability is a shared one

When you partner with Organic Logistics, you're not just gaining a logistics solution – you're joining forces with a cooperative that strives for a more sustainable world. Our commitment to sustainability extends through CROPP’s mission to practice environmental awareness and cooperative principles.

Success and sustainability go hand in hand

Organic Logistics shares in CROPP Cooperative’s commitment to sustainability. Here’s a few of the specific ways the cooperative is working towards that goal.

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Carbon Neutral by 2050

CROPP Cooperative is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050. We’ll reach that goal by partnering with the small organic farms of our cooperative and logistics partners like you to build a more sustainable supply chain. We track our carbon footprint year after year.

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Fuller Trucks = Fewer Trucks On The Road

From 2021-2022, we increased the loads on our trucks by over 1,300 lbs, equating to more than 500 fewer trucks on the road and increased supply chain efficiency.

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100% Renewable Energy

Your product will be stored in our Cashton, Wisconsin warehouse, which operates with 100% renewable energy, powered by wind turbines and solar power. It also features ammonia-cooled high density storage and automated storage and retrieval systems to optimize efficiency and reduce waste.

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Reduced Operation Costs

We more than doubled the number of cases of organic products moved from 2021-2022, helping reduce operating costs by 25% at our distribution center. We’re using fewer resources to move a greater quantity of products — and more organic products on shelves means that consumers have increased access to sustainable and environmentally friendly choices.

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Eco-Conscious Carriers

More than 50% of our carrier-partners are SmartWay-certified by the EPA.

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Giving Back, Reducing Waste

In the rare instances you end up with “short code” products in our possession (your products that are perfectly good but nearing their expiration date so you’re unable to sell them to your customers) we will work with you to find ways to donate them to local food banks and shelters to reduce products from going to waste.

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LEED Gold Certified

The Cashton office building where our team works is sustainably powered and it’s cooled and heated using geothermal energy.

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Join the Supply Chain Revolution

Whether you're a family farm, an artisanal maker, or a health-conscious producer, our services are here to support your journey toward success and sustainability, one mile at a time.